The Lab

Dr. Chris Tape 🇬🇧 

Group Leader 

Chris received his Ph.D. from Prof. Gillian Murphy's lab at the CRUK Cambridge Institute (University of Cambridge). He was then awarded a Sir Henry Wellcome Postdoctoral Fellowship between The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) (with Dr. Claus Jorgensen and Prof. Chris Marshall) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) (with Prof. Doug Lauffenburger) to study how oncogenes signal across multiple cell types in cancer. Chris now leads the Cell-Communication Lab at UCL CI under a CRUK Career Development Fellowship (supported by the CRUK Werth Trust).


Twitter: @christophertape


Dr. Xiao Qin 🇨🇳

Postdoctoral Research Associate 

Xiao received her B.Sc. in Biological Science from Peking University followed by a D.Phil in Clinical Medicine from the University of Oxford. Xiao is using single-cell signalling technologies to study how oncogenic mutations communicate through stromal and immune cell types in colorectal cancer. 


Twitter: @QinXiao1990


Jahangir Sufi 🇬🇧

Research Assistant 

Jahangir studied Biomedical Science B.Sc. at Imperial College London followed by a M.Sc. in Cancer, Molecular Pathology, and Genomics at the Barts Cancer Institute. Jahangir is developing novel mass-cytometry methods to study single-cell signalling in solid epithelial tumour models. 


Petra 1.jpg

Petra Vlckova 🇨🇿

Research Assistant

Petra earned her B.Sc. in Biomedicine at Birkbeck College followed by a M.Sc. in Cancer Biology from University College London. Petra is building advanced 3D co-culture models of colorectal cancer using organoids, fibroblasts, and macrophages. 


Twitter: @Petra47715998